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ICON Touch 7.0 CTS Display

ICON Touch 7.0 CTS Display

SKU: 769942

ICON Touch 7.0 CTS features, full color 7" touch screen designed for Evinrude E-TEC Gen2.

Up to 4 enginessupport

Mode control for adjustments to power steering and trim assist

Fuel levels up to 4 tanks

Engine oil level

Water tank levels up to 3

Accessory display of enigne water pressure, depth, water temps, live and baitwell temps


Predefined six screen groupings

Home page- RPM, trim level, engine water temp, MPG and GPH, boat speed

Engine page- in-depth monitoring of one or up to four engines

Fuel/Fluid page- precise readouts of fuel levels, engine oil levels and water tanks

Vessel page- accurate readouts of battery voltage, boat speed and fuel economy

Trip Logs page- regarding trip distance, fuel economy, average speed and more

ECO View page- allows user to optimize engine throttle and trim adjustment for instant changes         and the most efficient operation

A status bar is always visable with gear position, GPS clock, active throttle and fault notifications





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